The work presented below represents my second and final piece of coursework for the E-Learning and Digital Cultures course of the MSc in E-Learning at The University of Edinburgh. I have presented my ideas as a series of video chapters that should be viewed in sequence (and include sound, therefore speakers or a headset are required for viewing). A transcript of my voice over is included at the bottom of this page, however it is intended that my assignment should be seen as a multimodal piece of work, mediated through film.
James Lamb, 9 January 2011

1. Introduction (02:09)
  • The University of the Near Future
  • Defining the multimodal assignment
2. Literacy, critical awareness and meaning (6:40)
  • The Literacy Revolution
  • Digital critical awareness
  • Transliteracy
  • Constructing meaning 
3: Multiple Intelligences and Aptness of Mode (3:19)
  • Multiple intelligences 
  • Aptness of mode 
4. Conclusion and References (2:07)
  • In conclusion
  • References

Transcript from film voice over (Pdf)
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